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Mahjong Mastery

Mahjong Mastery Playing Card Game

Mahjong Mastery Playing Card Game

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Mahjong is traditionally a tile game based on skill, strategy, and a bit of luck. This game has a long history dating back to 1800s China. Mahjong has since gained popularity globally, with many variations of the game played around the world! Mahjong Mastery strives to teach players how to play mahjong with one of the most popular traditional Chinese play styles.

We designed Mahjong Mastery as two Chinese Americans who grew up playing mahjong with our families. We associate mahjong with quality time, friendly competition, and our cultural heritage. Through Mahjong Mastery, we hope to bring this game to players in a more accessible playing card form while sharing more about Chinese culture by maintaining traditional designs and play styles. We hope you, your family, and your friends can share in the joy of a friendly (but always competitive!) game of mahjong. 

Our game includes:

  • 136 playing cards*
  • 4 cheat sheets for each mahjong hand and points
  • Instruction guide for beginners with optional rules for seasoned mahjong players. Our guide is based on a traditional Chinese mahjong play style, used in mahjong competitions today

*Please note that Mahjong Mastery does not include optional flowers or season cards incorporated in some mahjong play styles

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Dennis Ong

Mahjong Mastery Playing Card Game

Great card game and love how easily it is to play

Fun game to learn and play especially coming from someone that doesn't know the game well but wants to learn. The card form of the game makes it so easy to play casually without needing the tiles. Great gift for anyone trying to learn the game!

Great gift

Got one a couple months ago and can’t stop playing!! Coming back and getting 4 more for friends for Christmas! Going to be the best present 🎁

Larry Tran

Mahjong Mastery Playing Card Game

Bethany Dela Cruz
Great purchase

this was a great buy my family loves playing mahjong, but we hated having to bring the traditional tile sets to all the family gatherings, but with this card set it’s so compact and it includes the rules! So now others in our family who revered played are playing!