Mahjong Mastery FAQs

Product & Store FAQs
Q: What is your return policy?
A: If you are not happy with the game for whatever reason, we accept returns within 30 days of purchase. Please ship the product back to us and we will process the return once received
Playing the Game
Q: Can you play with 3 or 2 players?
A: Yes! While mahjong is typically played with 4 players, you can also play with the same rules for 3 players. 2-player mahjong usually omits being able to chow from the other player. 
Q: Will you be adding seasons and flowers to the deck?
A: This is currently in the works! Please subscribe to our email list for any product updates (the only time we ever send emails)
Beginner FAQs
Q: Can I look at all the previously discarded cards?
A: Yes, all the discarded cards should be laid out face-up on the table. All players should be able to see the discarded cards to inform their strategy. For example, if you need a 3 stick to complete your chow set, but all 4 of the 3 stick cards have been discarded, it’s time to change your strategy!
Q: Can I make a set with a previously discarded card?
A: No, players can only pick up the last discarded card, not the previously discarded ones.
Q: Can I make a set of 4 consecutive cards?
A: No, Mahjong Hands can only be made up of chow (3 consecutive cards of the same suit), pong (3 identical cards), kong (4 identical cards), and pair (2 identical cards). All Mahjong Hands have 1 pair and 4 of the other sets (chow, pong, and/or kong).
Q: What can I do with the Wind or Dragon cards?
A: Wind and Dragon cards can only make pong or kong sets. They need to be the same wind direction (e.g., 3 East cards) or the same color dragon (e.g., 3 Green Dragon cards) to make a pong or kong.
Q: Can I make changes to my face-up sets?
A: No, after you place a set on the table, these sets count as part of your hand and cannot be adjusted for the remainder of the round.
Q: If I have a pong set on the table face-up and another player discards the 4th identical card, can I make a kong?
A: No.
Q: What do I do if I drew a kong myself —I already have 3 of the same cards in my hand or on the table and I drew the 4th card from the deck? 
A: You have two options —1) You can make a kong. If the 3 cards are in your hand, place the kong face-down on the table in front of you. If the 3 cards are on the table, add the 4th card to this set. If you choose to kong, you can draw another card before you discard a card from your hand. This choice effectively gives you another chance to draw and if you are playing by intermediate/expert rules, a kong gives you more points. 2) If you do not choose to kong you can use the 4th card in a different set. For example, you can use that card as part of a chow set and keep the pong set separate. This choice could help you complete your Mahjong Hand faster, but you do not get to draw again. 
Q: When can I declare mahjong and win? 
A: If you draw a card or the last discarded card completes your Mahjong Hand, you win! That means you have 4 completed sets in your hand or face-up on the table, and 1 incomplete set in your hand. When you draw a card or if another player discards a card that completes that final set, you have a Mahjong Hand. It does not matter what the incomplete set is (pair, chow, or pong), if the discarded card allows you to complete your hand, you have priority over the other players who may want to chow, pong, or kong that discarded card. 
Q: What happens when there are no more cards in the deck but no player has won?
A: Repeat the round with the same dealer.